Upload Photos


The Basic Rules & How to Contribute:

You have to be in at least one of the photos, and preferably most of them. We need a photo of the whole post office, a photo including¬†the place name and zip code. This might require several photos! More is OK. If you look through this website you’ll see what we are doing, which has evolved since we first started. Optionally, you can also snap a few photos of the inside of the post office (sometimes the bulletin board is amusing), and optionally a point of interest that is “very near”. Some post offices have a special theme or something unusual, you’ll know them when you see them.

It is up to you to figure out how to be in the photo, that’s all part of the fun! ūüôā We’ve met some interesting people as part of this project. If you can add a bit of whimsy, so much the better. If you can get your traveling companion(s) all in the photo that is great.

The Yosemite PO is a good example because it includes:

  • an outside shot with happy friends/family,
  • the outside of the building with zip code & city name,
  • an outside photo showing some surroundings, and
  • a couple of inside photos,
  • plus a bonus for including something unusual (the bear-proof recycle bins).

There will not always be something unusual. This PO has a few too many outside photos, which is unnecessary, but totally OK and welcome. The photos were uploaded at full quality & size, the website will handle it.

IF YOU DON’T SEE A ZIP CODE. ¬†If you don’t see the zip code posted on the outside of the building, look around or inside the PO for a sign with the zip code. In some cases, you can ask the postmaster if there is anything at all that shows the PO address especially the city, state & zip. Often there is a sign inside the PO, so look around. Sometimes if nothing else, they will have a business card you may photograph. Most postal clerks are really helpful, and one bright gal used her hand stamp to “postmark” a blank piece of paper showing the city state & zip & I took a photo of that. There is always a way. Many post offices will have the city and zip posted outside.

Almost all post offices have a mailbox very nearby, typically in front. USPS mailboxes have a label with the zip code; either outside the box, or visible when you open the lid. The “Location ID number” is the zip code followed by the mailbox number. It is important and helpful to snap a photo of the zip code & place name one way or another. If you don’t see the zip code on the wall, try to figure out how you can get it.

By sharing your photos here, you are saying that you have the right to do so, and you’re obviously letting us share them too. Thanks so much for contributing!


There is a 7mb file size limit per message. You may upload a few at a time if they are big. Thanks for contributing!